Abolition for Durham! C.J. Davis has moved on to Memphis, so Durham is in the process of hiring a new police chief. Fam, if there’s one thing we know it’s that Durham does not need a new police chief. We need ABOLITION FOR DURHAM. We commit to abolish policing and return more than $70 million a year to the budget to pay for housing, clean water, food, education, jobs, public transit, healthcare, conflict transformation, and anything else that our folks want and need. The Durham Police Department is already progressively losing personnel. With a vacant seat for police chief, this is the perfect time to enact forward-moving policies that build a more equitable future while dismantling the oppressive systems that preceded. Can you imagine a Durham Beyond Policing?

Vision with us & show your support! We’re selling yard signs & bumper stickers so we can get the Abolition for Durham message into the streets.

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